A Boy & His Dog... / by Sharon Whitehall

Every boy is a super hero and his dog his sidekick:   Batman and Robin.  They are invincible.  With a dog at his side he can go on great adventures, hike great mountains, slay dragons, experience anything.  At the end of the day they cuddle and dream of the adventures of tomorrow.  


But what happens when the adventures come to an end?   How is that explained to a young child?

That is the great question of all parents when their dog’s time is coming to an end.  How do you explain it?  How to help them understand?  How to help them cope? Even when we can't understand or cope ourselves?

Elvis was rescued by the Dudenhoffer family when he was three.  A few years later Jacob was born, Elvis has been there Jacob’s entire life.  The adventures they have shared will always be written on Jacob and Elvis’ hearts.  Jacob is who he is because he has a dog named Elvis.  Whenever Jacob needed him, Elvis was there.

Elvis was diagnosed with a terminal illness a few months ago - now it is Jacob's turn to be there for his buddy.  When Nick is too rough with Elvis, Jacob tells his brother to be nice to Elvis because he is having a hard time right now.  Right now Elvis is doing well, the medication he is on is giving him a spring in his step and making him eat everything in sight.  Who knows how long the clock will keep ticking, but for now, Jacob has Elvis and Elvis has Jacob.  Every day is a gift.

These images will be a comfort to Jacob when Elvis is gone.

These images of the two of them will help Jacob will remember his first furry friend.