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Happy National Dog Day from Whitehall Photography | St. Louis Pet Photographer!

Millie and Howie's List of Things to do with your dog!

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Millie and Howie would love to invite you to have a great day with your dog!  Here are their suggestions for having a great day.

  1. Take your pup for a walk make sure you take extra water and poop bags.
  2. Play with your dogs doing their favorite activity.  Millie's of course is playing Frizbee and Howie's is chasing Millie.  They BOTH love playing in the water.
  4. Visit a dog park (the added bonus is going for the car ride).
  5. Want to find out restaurants that are dog friends download the app Bring Fido.  We have used this and gone to Llewelyn’s in Wildwood and R.T. Wilers in downtown St. Charles.
  6. Make sure your dogs are up to date on their shots.  Millie had her visit to Barret Station Veterinary Clinic this morning.  She also got her nails done.
  7. Make or buy your dog’s favorite treat.  I guess we need to go stock up on some Frosty Paws.
  8. If you don't have a dog, consider adopting from a shelter so you can celebrate next year.  Making a donation to a shelter is a great way to celebrate too.
  9. And LAST BUT NOT LEAST bring your dog to Whitehall Photography to get their portrait taken.  Your dog's images need to be on the wall too.  

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