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Losing a pet is completely heart breaking.  Here is a story of why it is important to have photographs taken of your pets.


Linda and I have been friends since we were children: Barbie’s, softball, etc. We fell out of touch, but last fall she contacted me to have professional photos taken of her 5 dogs: Curly, Mandy, Inky, Curly, Harley and Pixie.  Curly captured my heart with her sweetness, and a few months later when she told me that Curly had passed, I asked if I could share Curly’s story.


'Dog Portrait'Curly Q -- Dog PortraitCurly Q's Portrait


Curly’s story told by her mom:


We didn’t know her name so we called her Curly Q. Which, since we were only going to keep her for the holiday weekend, got shortened to Curly, we didn’t know her name and I was only going to keep her for the holiday weekend, so I just started calling her Curly.


The summer of 2009, she was surrendered to a shelter in St. Charles County. It was tough for her to get around on her bad knees - but the shelter worked with Tender Care to repair one of her knees. She needed some TLC after her surgery, so that muggy weekend in August, she came home with me.


I thought it would just be another foster, get her back on her feet (literally) and then find her forever home. But she gave one big eyed look to my husband James, and I knew we had a foster failure on our hands. She quickly became his “best girl” and rarely left his side for the 7 years she was with us.


Our best girl Curly passed away at the ripe old age of 13. I am so grateful that we failed at fostering her - we miss her every day.


Dog PortraitsFab 5Curly with her four legged siblings.

Portrait of Curly Ballwin Photography StudioCurly QAnother dog portrait of Curly.


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