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December 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

When I grow up I want to be a pet photographer.  I didn’t really think this, it didn't ever cross my mind.  Most kids, myself included, want to be a veterinarian or a doctor. But I did LOVE taking pictures.

My first camera was a 126 Girl Scout Camera.  I would pose my dog Cherie Lee in doll hats and with pumpkins to get that unique pet photograph.  I struggled a bit with composition and basic photography skills. 

Later, I got a 110 camera.  I would drop that film cartridge in take my 24 pictures on the roll and wait for my mom to get them developed for me.  Anyone remember the flash bulbs that snapped on the top?

When I was about 10 years old my grandparents took me to my grandma's brothers farm in New, Florence, Missouri.  I was in heaven.  Puppies!  Lots of puppies!  My uncle raised beagles and Britney Spaniel's for hunting.  Here is a picture of me with the beagles.

In high school I bought my first 35 mm camera.  A Minolta X-GM.  I had a job and could pay for my own film and developing.  I took pictures of my cat 'Sir Jonathan Scott' and of my grandparents' beagle 'Jody'. 

I think my skills were improving.  But yet I didn't think about being a pet photographer.  I journeyed through life, taking pictures, developing pictures in my own darkroom.  I got married, had kids, had dogs, took pictures of kids and dogs.  As our dogs (and cats) started leaving our lives I realized that I needed more pictures of them, not at the end of their life but as they grew up.  When the kids moved out on their own we got a new puppy.  Millie.  Millie is the most photogenic dog EVER!  I started having FUN and realized how much I needed to learn.  I started taking on line seminars and in the fall of 2016 I took a pet workshop.  So here I am now, a family photographer and a pet photographer.  I enjoy taking pet portraits.  Here are some of the images I took at that seminar.  I find it appropriate that there were beagles to photograph at the seminar.

So here I am.  A pet photographer.  The journey begins.....


Andrea Jordan(non-registered)
Hi. How wonderful to see where you started and the journey you've been on to become a pet photographer.
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