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November 27, 2016  •  3 Comments

When is a birthday just a birthday?  Do the numbers really matter?  Is it really all about the cake?  What about the presents?  For me, my favorite gifts are gifts of service:  go for a hike with me, clean my house, organize the music on my iPod (yes, iPod).  

Some people love the celebration.  Others like to celebrate quietly.

For Jessica’s 40th her friends threw her a 40th birthday party that was a huge celebration.  There was one special gift from her friends.  A gift above all others. 

Her special gift?  Was Opal.  Jessica had been wanting a pig to add to their crazy family. Jessica has 5 daughters, two female dogs and now has Opal.

Opal the pig tmOpal the pig tm

Opal loves her big furry sister Elenore the Great Pyrenees.  I love to see pictures of them snuggling up together.

At 5 weeks Opal was a whopping 2.2 pounds.  Of course, Opal needed her very own photo shoot.  She is quite the model.  She totally was hamming it up for the camera.  That girl will do anything for cherrios.  My favorite is where she is wearing pearls and her tutu.

If you are interested in following Opal she has her own Facebook Page:

I know I am looking forward to following her adventures and watch her grow up.

Opal the pig ballerina tmOpal the pig ballerina tm


Melissa Rohman(non-registered)
That's some serious cuteness overload happing there. Opal is a little doll baby!!
Andrea Jordan(non-registered)
I love your photos! It makes me laugh to look at Opal's antics. I grew up on a farm and I don't remember the pigs being this cute :-)
Debbie Sassen(non-registered)
What gorgeous photos! I love the way you matched the tutu and pearls with the carpet. Definitely shows off Opal's better side.
Thank you for sharing.
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